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      Coal Sales Inquiry

      Thank you for your interest in Arch Coal Sales. Please complete and submit the form below to help us expedite your sales inquiry. Arch Coal will not share this information with any third parties. See our privacy policy for details.

      About Arch Coal, Inc.

      • Arch is a top-five global coal producer and a top 10 global metallurgical coal producer
      •  Arch is a major U.S. producer of low-sulfur coal
      • Arch produces high volatile steam coal, as well as low and high volatile metallurgical coal
      • Arch's met coal naturally moves through Norfolk (Pier 6) and Newport News (DTA) ports
      • Arch prefers FOB Vessel US or Canadian port proposals
      Contact Information
      * First Name:
      * Last Name:
      * Company:
      * Title:
      * E-mail Address:
      * Phone Number:
      * Mobile Number:
      * Fax Number:
      * Location:
      * Region:
      * What is your relationship to the end user?:
      * Location and identity of the end user's power plants/industrial facilities?:
      * The end user’s past history of coal purchases and current suppliers, and why they are not able to fulfill your intended customer’s needs:
      * Background and Experience with Coal:
      Coal Usage Information
      * End User Company:
      * Headquarters:
      * End Use Location:
      * Port of Import:
      Discharge Guarantee:
      * Volume Requirement:
      Cargo Size:
      * Time Frame Begin:
      * Time Frame End:
      Coal Specifications
      * Coal Type:
      * Moisture:
      * Ash:
      * Sulfur:
      * Volatile Matter:
      ARNU Dilation:
      DDPM Fluidity: